Tuesday, October 22, 2013

NSO005 -- N Colyar P "Chameleon Glow" C30/ Little Howlin' Wolf and N Colyar P Tour Update

I just numbered my new tape for the tour--  new guitar/ electronics improvisations with drones and careful high end splashes, and low end oscillations of feedback. First, a 12 minute improvisation with some found audio put in, then some poetry. Side B is a composition put together by improvisations and editing. Handmade cases as always and dubbed on purple chrome C30s. 50 copies total. Listen to one of the sides here.  ...So I'm excited for the tour, and feel unworthy of traveling with Little Howlin' Wolf -- look at the last post for the dates. It's gonna be good. We are also looking for someone to play with in SLC on 11-24, get to ncolyarp@gmail.com if you're down or know anything. See you soon...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

N Colyar P & Little Howlin' Wolf November Tour

In the midst of booking a US tour and am honored that most of which will be with blues veteran/ Chicago street music legend/ US underground genius Little Howlin' Wolf. Check him out playing live here and read about him here. Dates:

 N Colyar P only:
*October 25, Port Huron, MI @ Schwonk Sound Stead w/ The Fourth Way, + others -- More Info Here
*October 28, Buffalo, NY @ 1245 Niagara St. (Show Starts @ 7) -- More info here 
*October 29, Worcester, MA Live on WCUW 91.3 "Music Under the Moon" -- Listen Here

Little Howlin' Wolf and N Colyar P:
*October 31, Northampton, MA @ King St. Manor 113 King St.
*November 1, Providence, RI @ 13 Quince St. w/ Scared to Analysis, Phemale + others 
*November 2, Manhattan, NY @ Leftfield, 87 Ludlow St. w/ Green Grocer + others
*November 4, Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn
*November 5, Brooklyn, NY @ The Living Gallery w/ Acting on Impulse with Eric Laska and Richard Kamerman + others
*November 6, Philly @ Highwire Gallery w/ Mitch Esparza
*November 7, Philly @ TBA
*November 8, Baltimore @ The Bank
*November 9, Cleveland @ TBA
*November 10, Bloomington, IN @ The Ream
*November 12, Champaign, IL @ Death Tower
*November 14, St. Louis, MO @ Apop Records w/ N.N.N. Cook
*November 15, Kansas City, MO @ FOKL w/ Jason Zeh, + others
*November 21, Fort Collins, CO @ Moe's Original BBQ (LHW only)
*November 22, Denver, CO @ 7th Circle Music Collective
*November 23, Fort Collins @ The Artery
*November 24, Salt Lake City, UT @ Burt's Tiki Lounge
*November 25, WA @ TBA

And here's a new N Colyar P jam -- Air Zipper

see you all soon.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Tour and Tapes

So I just went on a ten day, Mid-West tour with my friend Tim who brought along his fantastic synth/samples project Wish Fulfillment. Check him out here . Here's one of my sets I just finished mixing, it's from Kansas City -- (N Colyar P live @ SGAB, Kansas City, MO 2-4-2013). We also brought along 50 copies of a split C30 encased in the same cardboard design GSA and I used for their tape, only with the above, individually water-colored art layout on the outside. Here's an excerpt from my side dubbed "Thoughts of Trees." I also have about 20 copies of new work of mine (NSO004) in stock called Maybe Looking in the Mirror. It's a C40 and contains 5 pieces, mostly improvised. It's like Rippled only I am using more "noise" sounds as a means to achieve an ambient end -- which I'm excited about seeing what direction that takes in the future. Here's a jam from that tape called "Ambidextrous," and if you want to grip anything, get to me at ncolyarp@gmail.com . Thanks.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

NSO 003 -- Giant Squid Autopsy

New tape on nso by Giant Squid Autopsy will be available at their shows-- C40 of Weird improv jams of acoustic guitar and keyboards lost in noise with obo and various other reeds and winds. Very free flowing in a non-ambient sense, occasional abrupt changes from dissonant rockiness to refrains of clear open smoothness. Trippy release show including sound and performance art on Friday, Dec 7th at Big Forever in Chicago, 1430 N Washtenaw. More info on the event here-- http://www.facebook.com/events/445836615472623/ . Contact GSA here--
giantsquid.autopsy@facebook.com . Sleeve design is a collaboration between GSA & NSO.   Here's an excerpt. See u Dec. 7th!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

n colyar p live recordings

Live sets by N Colyar P available for download below. Love to The Yellow Bookstore (http://theyellowbookstore.tumblr.com/) for hosting and Ian Fullerton for recording that night; also to Vincent Theodore (http://dreambait.tumblr.com/)  who recorded and hosted at the Hungry Brain...

n colyar p live at Yellow Bookstore, Chicago, Aug. 19, 2012

n colyar p live at The Hungry Brain, Chicago, Oct. 8, 2012

...see this in the flesh at Mutiny Bar in Chicago, 2428 N Western Friday Nov 9 with Plastic Boner Band, Wppss (from Bloomington), and Nice. no cover.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Tape "Rippled" by n colyar p & upcoming shows

2nd release from Nothing Scribbled Out "Rippled" by n colyar p is done. It's a c40 with 3 improvised feedback jams on guitar, mostly oscillations and balances of tones created with 3 pedals. 25 handmade copies (picture of sleeves above) will be available at shows-- which are:

1-- August 10th in Chicago possibly at Coulter (sp?) Lounge with Ono, Giant Squid Autopsy, Midwest Trash Vortex, and Charles Joseph Smith
2-- Sometime in August at Yellow Book in Chicago -- here's their website.
3-- In Madison this weekend July 28th at Elver Park aka 1250 McKenna Boulevard.

Also, <3 to Zach at Car Wash Tapes (http://carwashtapes.blogspot.com/) for helping with the dubbing and being rad.

Here's one of the jams. Enjoy!
Open Swim

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Dont Think About It/ Anything Can Be Real If You Let It" nso001 & tour

"Don't Think About It/ Anything Can Be Real if You Let It" handmade tapes by n colyar p will be available at shows. First release on Nothing Scribbled Out, C40, 25 copies.

Loo Tapes & I will be going on a small tour across the country, first in Denver for a collab show at Rhinoceropolis on Thursday 24th then the following day at Denver Noise Fest. Also a show on May 4th in Omaha, and some more we need help with:

April 30- Fort Collins ????????
May01 (need help)
May 02 (need help)
May 03 
Kansas City or lincoln ????????
May 04  Omaha Show
May 06 kansas city or STL ??????????
May 07 Normal, IL  (not confirmed)
May 08 Madison, WI
May 09 Madison, WI
May 10 Madison, WI

Please get to us if you can help.